2009-07-19 21:39:34

Today is Tomochin’s birthday celebration ❤

Tomo got the role of giving surprise,
So I appeared on the stage ❤

I wrote a letter for Tomochin
And Acchan read it.

From Chiyuu,

Tomo’s voice overlap there…

And Chiyuu appeared (・∀・)☆

It looked
Like a surprise, yet somehow

Tomochin cried(/∀\*)

This was really

Namida Surprise(・∀・)


At last, with Tomochin❤


And I received cookie
From Amina❤


Mini NyanNyan cookie~ ❤

I’m glad my beloved Tomochin received the surprise with joy ❤

Everyone too, thank you very much ❤ ❤ ❤

Receiving congratulations from many of you,

Tomochin must be a happy girl ☆

The end(・∀・)

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