2009年07月19日 20:58

The shooting has ended~ 😀

Today too, everyone were clamorously having fun.

Even though the scary story was making us excited,
When everyone said bye bye, I became a little scared.

Now I’m afraid to take a bath…

Well then, today I’ll introduce the beautiful girls in this class!

There are 2 people!!!


Takada Riho-chan.

Even though 2 years younger than Miichan,
She’s a mature beauty.

By the way, her oshimen is Kojima Haruna.

I like her unexpected character 🙂


Kobayashi Sari-chan.

When I first met her, I’ve decided!! *laughs*

Taken at the first sight ❤

Even though she has thiiiiiis beautiful face,
I also like Sari who does some weird faces. ❤

I reaaaly love these two.

After this too, I want to introduce to you
More and more classmate fellow that I like.

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