2009-07-16 23:48:18

/*The title is a laughing sound.*/


I’ve seen

Yesterday’s comment!

Thus, for everyone who’s wondering…

Actually, Myao

Has appeared in Kokorozashi Muraya-san— \(^o^)/!!

Sorry I couldn’t notify everyone

A moment before the broadcast ;_;

But when I read the comment, there are some people who mentioned it.

I’m surprised(´・ω・`)!!

Myao too,

Forget about the actual broadcast time.

Next time, if something appear again I certainly will put

Notification in the blog ヾ(’∀`)/☆☆

And then immediately,

Will come out on Saturday 18th,

“Weekly Playboy”:

Myao solo!!

Will appear(*/ω\*)!!!!!!

Everyone, be sure to check it out \(^o^)/!!

Tomorrow I’ll return the my jobs, yey (*´ω`*)❤

Exciting and throbbing like this ❤ *laughs*

Well then,

Tomorrow I have to wake up early, good night-night( `ω´)night.

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