★Prickling Pain★

2009-07-15 23:48:19

G’ evening ∩ω∩

Two days of PV shooting

Has ended…!?

I’ve returned to my house ★♪

I’m baack~ ♪(/∀\*)

MAUI-san was

Waiting for me at
The entrance door ❤

The conclusion from the latest

3 nights and 4 days…

Going to Osaka,

Visiting Universal Studio,

and PV shooting.


Eating ice cream~

One thing and another,

Were really enjoyable.

I’m relieved because
The shooting has perfectly ended.

Everyone, please look forward

To the completed video (●ω●*)ノ*


My face,

My arms,

My legs,

Are in prickling pain (*゜Д゜*)*laughs*

I’ve roasted, I’ve roasted,

Splendidly roasted.

Already burned (・ω・`)

If only I don’t get burnt like thiis— lolol

I wanna cry(/Д`).゜ Uwaa~n


I put face lotion

And won’t forget to add moisturizer.


Tomorrow will be… *ufufufufu* ♪ *laughs*

Good night~

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