Paris 3

2009年07月09日 18:19

Of course, it’s Paris ~Extra part~


I’m in the same hotel room with Kasai Tomomi-chan.


Tomo~mi is famous for being considerably hard to wake up,
I’m really worried about her!!


I’ve came up with a good method.

Because with the usual calling out voice she absolutely won’t wake up,
I put my arms under the upper part of her body and forcibly push her to wake up~

Then, she woke up in 3 minutes *laughs*

With this, I’ve had peace in mind.

And then, I’ll show you the inside of the special hotel drawers.


Japanese food, banzai ☆ ★

Just to make sure we have countermeasures, we brought thin noodles soup and ramen.

Left half was Miichan’s.
Right half was Tomo~mi’s.

Miichan brought Tanuki.
Tomo`mi brought Kitsune, and thus,

Nice snychronization *thumbs up*.

The two of us had good preparation ♪

/*There is this famous brand of ramen in Japan which only has 2 variants, “Tanuki” and “Kitsune”. That’s why Miichan said they have nice synchronization.*/

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