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Bonchiyuu~r Diary ☆

2009-07-09 12:21:05

For everyone’s so much
☆ Congratulation Comment ☆
Thank you very much ❤

Well then, well then…

Have I kept you waiting~? ❤

❤ Bonchiyuu~r Diary ❤

Yeey (w>ω

Puff, puff ☆

First of all,

Speaking about Paris, of course is this ❤


Jyaa~n ❤

Eiffel Tower~ (w>ω

Seeing it from near,
I really felt the appeal ❤

In the picture I felt like a tour guide ❤ *laughs*

And then,


Placing it on top of my hand ❤ *laughs*

I think it’s just like Tokyo Tower~

Somehow…. But no, no (・Å-)

Iyaa~ ☆ Paris is truly wonderful ❤

To be continued… ❤

The end (・∀・)

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