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This is Reality = My True Ability

2009年07月08日 22時23分50秒

This is reality.

I have to accept it.


Accepting it firmly, I’ll use all my strength in Under Girls!

Because it’s a sexy song!

My field of expertise!

Please wait for it!

Sticking this feeling in my heart, I’ll do my best!

General election.

There, juniors are dominating seniors.

But, as I see upon it again, this is a good chance.

I will learn and follow from above members to improve myself.

For everyone who have supported me, truly, thank you very much!

At the vote counting too, I pushed myself through one by one vote, and I can say that I’ve got a great present…

Thank you.

I’m grateful.

I’ll use this this chance that I’ve received from everyone firmly, please look after me!

Thank you very much.

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