So Much

/*This Nintendo DS game they played is “Friends Collection”. This is kinda like The Sims where you’re playing life simulation with characters that you can made on your own. Looks like most of AKB girls are playing this now, especialy those who’ve came back from Paris.*/

2009-07-08 22:20:11

I’ve made ❤
With Tomo~mi and Atsuko ❤

I’ll introduce to you
This ☆ new model ☆

Our favorite movie,
“Twilight”‘s protagonist,

AKB manager ☆
“Yamamoto Manabu” manager.

❤ Atsuko ❤
The hair style, no matter what is like this.
But the bangs were short, just at that
It was regrettable. The three of us were having trouble making this ❤ (laughs)

❤ Tomo~mi ❤
We made Tomo~mi
Like this ❤
Chiyuu ❤
/*They wrote ‘Chiyuu’ as her name, lol.*/

Horipro manager,
Kanari Yagi~ *goat* (laughs)
This eyegaze is the point^^

And the last is Tomochin~
Everyone said, “It resembles you~”
But even so…
I looked this angry?? (laughs)

That’s it~
I’m waiting for your thoughts ♪

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