Nagisa no Cherry Girls(゜∇゜)

2009-07-05 22:35:09


In today’s karaoke assembly ❤

Haruna ❤ Atsuko ❤ Mariko ❤ The three of us were performing ❤

Or so we thought….


Shinobu is the main vocal for us.

And she sang Nagisa no Cherry~ ☆

Iyaa~ ☆ ☆

Thanks to Shinobu, the atmosphere really rised up~ ♪ ♪

Then, you see!!

For the sake of today, she’s doing her best on her appearance… ☆

And she let Mariko do make-up on her ❤

Stylist-san was getting her hair styled.

Being so enthusiastic herself, she attached that ribbon on her hair ❤ ☆ (laughs)

But because Shinobu is seriously big,

That good thing couldn’t be seen very well,

The staffs also thought like that (laughs)

As one would expect of Shinobu~ ☆

At any rate, that was really fun.

Thank you for everyone who has come for today ☆ ☆

Also thank you for everyone who have come to the handshake meeting ❤ ❤

/*In tonight theater special show, the theme was karaoke assembly. This was also reported in Mariko, Erena, and no3b’s blogs. The karaoke setlist is on the memolist here: */

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