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Mor~ning d(o∀o)b

2009-07-02 08:38:13


Good morning.

Yesterday was just like a dream ☆

And the dream still continues today…

I’m glad ❤ ❤

But today,

First from this morning, I’ll go for a shooting with everyone.

By the way,



I received these and brought them home.

Souvenirs ☆

Giabbit-kun lunch box. /*Giabbit is Yomiuri Giants’ mascot.*/

Yomiuri Giants 75th anniversary clear file.



Life-sized newspaper~ ❤

It’s distributed exclusively for

Those who come to Tokyo Dome yesterday and today ♪ ♪

Awesome, isn’t it~

There’re still various activities…

We haven’t stopped yet 🙂

What’s next? ☆

We ourselves are excited for it ❤

Well then!!

Today too with this excited feeling, ganbarimasu!

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