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Morning~ (/∀\*)

2009-06-29 09:18:08

Today I will
Have a work with Tomochin ❤

Lately I met her everyday and so
We a~lways have a chitchatchitchat ☆

❤ Girl’s Talk ❤
Couldn’t be sto~pped (/∀\*)

Just what’s the point of those talks??

Well, I’m also thinking about that ❤ (laughs)

Yes, yes!!

About the thing I wrote in the day before yesterday’s blog,

“A fun thing ❤”

❤ I’m having a sleepover at Tomochin’s house ❤
That’s it~ ❤

Tomochin’s house deluxe kare~ ❤
Was super tasty (/ω\*)


After that,

At blog’s comment and at the handshake meeting,

“We want a question corner~ ❤”

So much people
Have asked for it, so

I really really want to try it ❤



Have tried it last year,

And I haven’t replied to
Your questions in the corner back then…

The system was like ranking,
And I only have answered to
Ranking 10-3.


I’ve lost the paper with it’s summary
Totally a fail (●Δ●*)

And so…

I can’t continue to write the answers from questions back then (-д-*heartbreak*)


If you don’t mind,

I really want to try it once again~ ❤

That’s what I’ve been thinking(w>Å

How about it?

The end (・н・)

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