Handshake Meeting

2009-06-28 15:53:00

“Namida Surprise
Release event
At Yomiuri Land.”

❤ Today
Somehow, ☆ About 10,000 people ☆
Were participating
In this event ❤ ^_^


Even though it was raining…
I was really happy.
Truly thank you
Very much 😀

At the handshake time…
Many people
Said that
“I saw your blog.”
I’m really moved ❤


And then
☆ I took a photo with Yuko
That I haven’t met in a while ❤

Even though Yuko is a senior
She’s very cute, spreading this mysterious feeling ❤

With that Yuko,
Everyone, after this
Will face a ☆ Karaoke Tournament ☆ (^_^)v ❤

Please wait for us~..

For those who have come
To the handshake meeting…
Because the rain was really hard
Please don’t catch
A cold, kay~?

Well then,


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