♪Sae-po and Meetan♪

2009-06-26 22:53:39

G’ evening

Today’s G-Rosso has finished
And now I’m in the middle of returning home ☆
After the show
Sae gave me a can of juice!!
Thank yaa~ ❤
Sae-chan, thanks!

Sae-po was truly amusing.
In G-Rosso performance today,
Her papa and mama came watching ☆
If you see it from afar,
Resembles her papa, but if you look it from near
She certainly looks like her mama.
Sure is interesting~ ^_^

Oh yeah.
Today, the members have successfully infiltrate Meetan’s private room!

Even though we came so suddenly,
When we entered the room
Meetan was so kind ☆
In Meetan’s house
Her TV is
Soo big (゚_゚).
I alwaays watched Dr. Koto ☆

Now I’m
Going to sleep over at Meetan’s ❤ Hee hee
I’ll report to you
If another infiltration is succesful♪

Well then… Good night (Zzzz)

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