2009-06-09 18:25:05


Today, from the morning is


Of course~

We get a
Rest time~★☆

And then~(゜∨゜)

Reunion after a long time,

A date with Myao

Lalalala ♪ Lalalala ♪ When we did that
While taking a walk…



We found Shinobu-saan!! (laughs)

Let me explain ☆★

Shinobu-san is
Without doubt
Kayano Shinobu.

She’s always

Thinking, producing,
Cute cute
AKB48’s outfits.

Everyone’s favorite
Ms. Stylist ♪

Because of
This unexpected meeting

The three of us took a walk together ★☆

Now at a cafe,
Drinking banana milk.

Delicious ☆★(*uωu)

At night, the photoshoot will continue.
I’ll do my best (/∀\*)♪


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